SFS: securing our partners' success

By SFS Group Fastening Technology Ltd
schedule25th Jun 20

SFS UK is the building envelope specialist. We manufacture systems that fix, fasten and protect buildings. Our products range from high-performance fasteners, rivets and hinges, to patented fall protection systems and rainscreen subframe assemblies for supply into the construction industry.

Many of our products are developed in partnership with our diverse customers from across the globe. It is this partnering element of what we do that sculpts the way we do business and this ethos is needed now, more than ever, as we all battle with the challenge that COVID-19 brings.

During these uncertain times, we continued to work with our customers to ensure that we helped to keep the construction industry active and to supply their needs in a safe and effective way. One particular challenge is to always ensure the project supply chain is aligned and understanding our role in it. 

As a UK manufacturer with a large site, supported by a global manufacturing organisation, we were able to hold significant stocks, greatly reducing the impact of stock shortages on our customers. However, having the right products available is only part of the challenge. Co-ordinating the site and sales support activities during this volatile period was also a major undertaking. Our highest priority was our employee safety and this required a new remote working arrangement with our customer-facing employees.

Having the products available is only part of the battle, getting them to where they are needed is another. To help with this we developed a colour coded labelling system to enable our customers to identify which fasteners went to which part of the installation.

 This system enabled the customer to quickly identify and install the right product in the right phase of the build. 

This simple solution has enabled us to get the right product to the right location at the right time, ensuring that we secured the future development of the site and kept our customer going.

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